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At the age of 50, and after nearly 30 years together, Rhonda and her husband decided to separate. In the two and a half years since, they have divorced and Rhonda has shared much of her journey on social media where she has inspired countless others along their journey to healing.

, Captivating and Engaging! Rhonda Gipson-Willis is a skilled dream catalyst who possess an uncanny ability to create community where ever she goes. She is the Founder and CEO of RGW Ventures, a leadership development, coaching and training firm. Fueled by 20 plus years in the mental health field she unhinges reticent potential and makes the enigmatic recognizable. Her ability to recognize untapped potential propels her clients to strive to accomplish their dreams. If you are ready to make your dreams a reality incorporate Rhonda Gipson-Willis into your plans! Rhonda's outstanding ability as a trainer, speaker and coach will transform how you approach obstacles and ignite your passion to dream big...you will never settle for less again! 

Rhonda has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Jackson State University and a Master’s in Social Work from Indiana University. Rhonda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as well as a Certified Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

She is the proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters.

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